Announcement-SMH Panama

Former SMA Sales Manager Knut Andersen Opens New Service Provider Office for Schweizerische Metallhandels
Panama City, Panama – Strong demand and rapid growth of Schweizerische Metallhandels A.G. (SMH AG), and their partner in the Americas Schweizerische Metallhandel Panama S.A. (SMH Panama) , a Panama based supplier of rare strategic metals, has allowed them to welcome Swissmetal Inc (SMI), as their second service provider. Knut Andersen, previously the sales manager of Swiss Metal Assets (SMA), their first provider, is spear-heading the new venture. SMI has been running at full capacity from their new Panama location in Costa Del Este since October 2012.
Schweizerische Metallhandels Panama supplies rare strategic metals to owners and individual investors, through its service providers SMA and SMI. With strategic metals, clients own a physical asset that is in demand for many industrial applications. They can also arrange for storage of these metals in secure, guarded facilities.
Rare strategic metals have the advantages of:

  • Strong demand due to many industrial, technological and military applications.
  • A limited supply, not necessarily because they are rare, but because production is difficult and expensive. Plus, 95% of rare metals in the world are controlled by China
  • An asset that can be seen, felt and touched – Over the past few years many investors have lost faith in traditional paper backed securities. And they are looking for alternatives that are not prone to manipulation like the stock market.
  • Being a strong hedge against inflation. Like gold and silver, also available through SMH, strategic metals act as a powerful asset protection tool the price of which is tied closely to inflation.

These factors have lead to a flood of baby boomers flocking to alternative investments like gold, silver and strategic metals. This unprecedented growth in the industry means SMH has the market share to support another service provider, and Knut Andersen has stepped up to the challenge.
“The chance to own a physical asset attracts individuals who are disenfranchised with stocks, bonds and other paper based investments,” says Knut. “The stock market especially has been extremely volatile recently, which makes individuals nearing retirement age nervous about the future.”
For more information about SMH, SMI or SMA, rare strategic metals, or to schedule an interview, call SMI at 1-855-854-4679. You can also email to Finally, they can be reached through their websites at (SMI) and