Chase Bank Initiates Capital Controls, Limits Cash Withdrawals & Bans International Bank Wires!

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Article obtained from Silver Doctors October 17, 2013

“In an apparent effort to front-run official government capital controls, JP Morgan Chase has issued letters to ALL Business account holders notifying them that as of Nov 17th, the bank will limit all cash transactions (including deposits, withdrawals, and ATM usage) to $50,000/month, and will ban all outgoing international bank wires!

Bank officials confirmed Wednesday that the new capital controls apply to all business account holders, the bank will stop processing any outgoing international bank wire, and that any monthly cash transactions in excess of the new $50,000 limit will be subject to penalties and fees for each dollar over the $50k cap”.

What does this mean to you?

If you are planning on moving some of your assets out of dodge, before you move your arses out of dodge, Now is the time to do it! In the offshore seminars over the last 2 years this rumor has being going around, with an increasing buzz leading to this now being a fact. Capital control will happen in the USA. Land of Freedom… no more! Considering JP Morgan Chase is a major player in the Banking sector, will this set the precedent that all the others will follow?

Will the short term future mean an end to all International Bank Wires from the USA, or to wire funds out of the USA will mean a myriad of forms and declarations you may not want to participate in? Maybe the only way is to pay the 30% withholding tax that should only be to non compliant banks, to make sure you pay your taxes over and over again!

We think this is the time to get off the fence and get going if you have any plans of doing anything out of the USA before the wall gets too high. Your Options…Tangible assets like rare, strategic metals or property? Move your funds into Offshore Banks? Foreign Currencies? We at SMI have in the last 6 months have seen a huge increase in the amount of people that want to convert from FIAT currencies into tangible assets offshore. This decree from a bank will for sure send this number sky high. When the tidal wave is moving, you better be out of the way, because it will be like draining a swimming pool through a hole the size of a quarter.

Please read the complete details below, on how you can use tangible assets such as strategic metals and precious metals to protect yourself, offshore, and to receive a copy of the actual bank letter. NB: Refer attached Client Letter from JP Morgan Chase.

First peoples Business Accounts…What is next Personal Accounts?

Investor, STOP and take action while you can as the writing is clearly on the wall…“Nov. 17th JP Morgan Chase will BAN International Bank Wires!”…Get your funds wired out of the US and do not procrastinate! In saying that international wire transfers are too much of a risk, Chase Bank might as well be bankrupt because it is telling you there is no money to withdraw. This is where the mega banks have wanted to take us all along – a total cashless society that destroys all privacy and allows them to fine and fee the general population into serfdom. This is clearly a major step towards capital controls as we saw with the Cyprus bail-in.

We are now receiving reports from business partners who we know well that they are being told by their banks that similar regulations to those adopted by Chase are coming within the next few months. Chase would not be implementing a business killing strategy like this unless all other major banks were also planning to follow suit. What we see is mega banks leading the way to set the precedent that all the others will follow.

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In addition to the Chinese plans being implemented as we speak, it is a matter of fact that almost a billion souls are emerging from poverty and entering lower, middle and upper class in developing countries around the world, over the next 5 years, and these people are the world´s new consumers who are driving the unprecedented demand for these specialty metals.

As a small sampling of the metal applications, a world without these metals would be a world without cell phones, computer chips, iPods, LCD monitors and TVs, makeup, paint, surgical lasers, much of the clothing we wear, modern automobiles, and jet engines. National Geographic magazine in a 2011 article referred to them as “The secret ingredient in almost everything.” There is Indium in every flat screen and smart phone, every modern computer chip needs Hafnium, and the power supply of satellites is ensured with Gallium.

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