Defense & Aviation Basket

D Basket – Defense and Aviation

These metals, some of which also have significant commercial applications, are used by the military in the production of jet fighter aircraft, stealth, drone, and night vision technologies, plus communication and armor piercing munitions, to name just a few of the military applications. Currently stockpiles allocated for military applications are in short supply and on the verge of being completely used up, and the world finds itself in the awkward position of looking to China (unfortunately, a potential future adversary) at this time to increase exports so they can build their war machines. Not much chance of that happening anytime soon.

investing in rare metals : the defense and aviation basket

The Defense & Aviation Basket was launched on May 2nd 2012 at US$ 22,200

Basket D Contents
  • 5 kg    Indium
    Bearings in jet engines
    Flat screens
    Glass coatings of touch screens
    Medical technology
    Solar technology
    Apparatus engineering
    Displays (cell phones etc)
    Transparent electronics
    Special coatings
  • Rhenium: rare metal investments
    1 kg    Rhenium
    Stealth aircraft
    Military jet engines
    Missile propulsion
    Combustion chambers
    Turbine blades and exhaust nozzles
    Electrical contact material
    Photography flash lamps
    High octane lead free gasoline
    Liver cancer treatment
  • Gallium: rare metal investments
    5 kg    Gallium
    Illuminating diodes
    Integrated circuits
    Electrical high-freq. components
    Solar cells for powering satellites
    Alloying additives
    Liquid metal heat transfer compound
    Non-toxic mercury substitute
    Fuel cells
  • Tungsten: investing in rare strategic metals
    20 kg    Tungsten
    Light bulbs
    Arc welding and die cast tooling
    Cutting tools
    Rotor blades
    Radioactive shielding
    Jet engines and fly wheels
    Vibration governors
  • 5 kg    Tantalum
    Small high capacity capacitors
    Capacitors for cell phones and automobiles
    All electronic devices
    Medical implants and prosthesics
    Surgical instruments
    Chemical industry
    Superalloys for aircraft engines
    Nuclear power plants