Emerging Industries Basket

E Basket – Emerging Technologies

The metals included in the E Basket are vital components of the new technologies for the 21st century. They are critical for stealth aircraft, rocket and jet engines. Other uses are for infrared optical equipment, solar panels and radiation identification. The fast growing electric car industry depends of many of these metals for the drive motors. The new superconducting magnets with super alloy applications and the nuclear reactors all use these metals.

All of these strategic metals have a limited worldwide production for the ever growing demand.

investing in strategic metals : the emerging technologies basket

The Emerging Technologies Basket was launched on June 1st 2014 at US$ 49,750

Basket E Contents
  • Rhenium: rare metal investments
    6 kg    Rhenium
    Stealth aircraft
    Military jet engines
    Missile propulsion
    Combustion chambers
    Turbine blades and exhaust nozzles
    Electrical contact material
    Photography flash lamps
    High octane lead free gasoline
    Liver cancer treatment
  • Dysprosium: investing in rare metals
    5 kg    Dysprosium
    Laser and commercial lighting
    Nuclear reactors
    Data storage (hard disks)
    Drive motors in electric vehicles
    Wide band mechanical resonators
    High-precision liquid fuel injectors
    Adiabatic demagnetization refrigerators
  • 15 kg    Silver
    Currency, jewellery and silverware
    Water filtration
    Electrical engineering
    Photography and electronics
    Solar technology
    Plasma screens
    Medical technology
    RFID chips
  • Germanium: rare metal investments
    2 kg    Germanium
    Fiber optics
    Nuclear reactors
    Camera lenses
    Rewritable DVD's
    Infrared optical equipment
    High speed integrated circuits
    Photovoltaic cells
    Solar panels
    PET bottles
    Radiation identification
  • Niobium: investing in rare metals
    10 kg    Niobium
    Steel production
    Super alloys
    Superconducting magnets
    Hypoallergenic applications (medicine, jewelry)