How to Go Rogue and Liberate Your I.R.A. from the U.S. Monetary System

Go to school.  Get a job.  Open up a 401K or I.R.A.  Fill your retirement account with mutual funds and stocks and bonds.  Better yet, government treasury bonds.  That’s the story the government, the public school system, and the mainstream media have been spinning for decades.

Ask anyone who turned retirement age around 2008 how well that plan worked out for them…

Retirement accounts plunged between 14% and 40% that year, depending on the types of holdings.  Leaving anyone forced to live off their retirement funds fighting for scraps – after working their entire lives to build up their savings.

Now, the government wants to “help” with Obama’s new myRA plan.  Knowing what you know about government, do you think following their strategy will have you rolling in riches?

In order to acquire the lifestyle you crave, it takes thinking differently, going in your own direction, and discovering an entire world of opportunities.  In other words – Going Rogue.  Not just buying more of the same U.S. based stocks and bonds.

Even gold and silver are too mainstream, and the central banks regularly manipulates their value in order to line their own pockets.

Your I.R.A. is a powerful tool.  By allowing you to defer taxes, it allows for compounding growth.  Provided you aren’t stuck holding a number of undervalued, depreciating assets.  Especially ones that are tied to the U.S. dollar whose entire future is at stake.

Unfortunately, with a conventional I.R.A. approximately 99% of the world’s investment opportunities aren’t available.  You’re stuck with overvalued, volatile, manipulation filled stocks.  Or mutual funds, which make a decent return when the market it doing great…  However, fall apart quickly when the market stops.

Just by moving your I.R.A. offshore however, an entire world of prospects opens up.  An opportunity to hold precious and strategic metals in your retirement account…  And a host of other investment ventures not available to most U.S. citizens.

Step 1 – Create an offshore corporation

Building a legitimate business is the key step in this strategy.  In addition, by building that business offshore, you gain benefits like better privacy, more flexibility, and less regulation.  It’s not nearly as difficult as it sounds.  Of course, you’ll need competent legal advice…  In the jurisdiction of your choice.  However, most times you won’t even need to visit the country of origin.

A secondary step is opening a bank account in the name of the LLC or corporation.  This can sometimes be a little more difficult, but with the right help doesn’t take long.


Step 2 – Open a Self Directed I.R.A.

In order for this strategy to work, you need a self-directed I.R.A.  One where you have full control over management.  And can choose what the I.R.A. invests in.

You’ll need to find an administrator who’s well versed in offshore arrangements like this.  Not many are, but they do exist.


Step 3 – Have your I.R.A. invest in the LLC or offshore corporation you created in step 1.

Most people don’t know this, but your I.R.A. can make certain foreign investments.  One of these is a private offshore corporation.  Your I.R.A. needs to buy stocks in this firm.

Now, just like any other type of investment, your I.R.A. benefits from all of income generating activities of your company.

Your offshore corporation, depending on the jurisdiction, will have limitless business opportunities to explore.  Many more than you can personally as a U.S. citizen.  And certainly more than you are allowed to take advantage of directly in your I.R.A.

By investing in a company you control, an entire world of profits opens…  Including owning precious or strategic metals.  This is traditionally impossible, or at least extremely limited, in your I.R.A.

Obviously, this article barely scratched the surface of this little known and underutilized strategy.  But when you have all the details, it’s a powerful tool for compound growth towards your retirement.

Swissmetal Inc. has published a free guide explaining many of the reasons you’d want to utilize a strategy, the risks involved in not moving a portion of your assets offshore, and more detailed instructions on why this strategy works, and how to implement it.

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The U.S. financial system is in peril.  The path they are laying out to follow puts your future wealth at risk.  The traditional model of going to school, getting a job, and saving for retirement is dead.

The people who succeed, and live the lifestyle of their dreams, are the ones that step away from the herd, investigate all options available, and chart their own course.  The ones who go rogue.

An offshore I.R.A., when managed correctly, opens you up to global opportunities most people never dream about.  Download your free guide now.