Gold & Silver Are Not The Only Precious Metals

Off The Grid radio interview with Knut Andersen,                                                 General Manager of Swissmetal Inc.                 

Andersen_offThis week’s Off The Grid Radio comes to you straight from Belize. Bill Heid, founder of Off The Grid News sits down in Belize with Knut Andersen of Swiss Metal Assets to talk about investment opportunities and strategies for precious metals other than gold and silver. They also discuss the real difference between physical ownership of precious metals versus perceived ownership of precious metals.

Heid and Andersen start off the show by taking a look at the investment potential for metals such as bismuth, indium, and cobalt (just to name a few). Anderson talks about what these metals are being used for in today’s growing economy and explains their metal “packaging” structure.

Andersen goes on to talk about the fact that big banks manipulate prices and allow customers to purchase metals that don’t exist in a physical form. He talks about how a bank may have only 10% of the gold or silver on hand that they allow their customers to purchase so that in the event of a “bank run” 90% of their precious metals customers would be out of luck. His methods differ because they sell only the metals that they are able to house in a physical form allowing their customers to come pick up their metals at any point in time.

In this episode:
Investment strategies for precious metals
Precious metals besides gold and silver that are worth investing in
Physical ownership of precious metals
And more…

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