How the Boom in the Hybrid Electric Car Markets will Explode the Demand For Dysprosium In The Next Few Years

It doesn’t seem long ago people thought a truly useful hybrid was a pipe dream.  A few young professionals got into the action to be trendy…  Or a few bought a powder blue Prius for their wives…

But most thought hybrid electric vehicles would always be expensive sardine cans.  Or boring commuters.  You may have even sworn you would never drive one…  Unless you were forced to.

However, times have changed.  And fortunately, by owning the Strategic Metal Dysprosium, you still have the chance to profit from this exploding market.

The hybrid car market is more than just a “green” fantasy and shows promise on many levels…

In fact, not only are governments in the EU taking giant leaps towards mandating these vehicles…  China, is strongly encouraging their population with huge financial incentives to choose electric or hybrid over gas.

Plus, there are finally luxury car manufacturers getting in on the action, meaning you might not even be forced into one of these environmentally friendly vehicles…  You might jump at the chance to drive one.

Regardless of your personal view of the climate change discussion, one thing is certain…

Hybrid cars are becoming a part of the landscape, and as a smart investor, you want on the inside.  And you have a spectacular opportunity to do so with Dysprosium.

Dysprosium is a soft strategic metal with a bright silver luster.  Because it’s so soft, it can be cut with a knife and machined without sparking provided it is not overheated…

What makes it valuable though is it has the highest magnetic strength of all the elements (tied with Holmium).  This makes it perfect for use in electric motors…  The back bone of hybrid electric cars.

Clearly this means the demand for Dysprosium will skyrocket as the market grows.  And this market shows no sign of slowing.

The European Union has made a strong commitment to de-carbonization, and have made the low-carbon economy a central policy priority.  In other words, they are mandating everything be done to force drivers to adopt hybrid and electric vehicles into their lives and businesses.

They’re making it a staple in their centrally planned economy.  It’s not just a matter of wanting to clean the environment…  Their entire economy depends on it.

In a recent study of 32 of the most significant natural resources, only 8 were listed as having a rating of critical for supply shortages.  And Dysprosium was listed as the most “at risk”.  You know as an investor, controlling anything with such a limited supply is music to your ears.

In China, adoption of hybrid electric cars has been slow with only 17,600 privately owned electric vehicles in 2013.  However, with over 1 billion people and what will soon to be the world’s biggest economy, the potential is staggering.

Step 1 has been to introduce financial incentives ranging from $5,400 for hybrids to $9,100 for fully electric cars.  There are discussions in raising these amounts, but what will make a bigger impact is tightening fuel efficiency requirements.  This will eventually force consumers into these vehicles.

Even though the infrastructure to support electric and hybrid cars in China still lags, and sales haven’t quite been where they want, the government is putting strong pressure on manufactures to increase output.  So you know sales pressure and incentives will continue.

But there’s something we’re seeing on the horizon making the future of electric cars, and your security and profits as a dysprosium owner, even more exciting.

Hybrid electric vehicles are finally getting cool.

As a true free market capitalist, I hate to see the government forcing anything down our throats –   of course if I see it happening, I’ll take advantage and profit from it – but looking at the new BMW i8 Gran Coupe, I’m thinking it’s time to start considering a plug-in.

BMW is also considering a new battery powered sedan which is aimed at going head to head with Tesla’s Model  S.


Attribution:”BMW i8 plug-inelectric car (production version) at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show” by youkeys is licensed under CC BY 2.0

And it’s not just BMW getting in on the hybrid bandwagon.   There are companies you would expect, like Nissan whose new Leaf recently took a high speed run through a quiet village in Europe…  Just to prove it could be done without breaking the 100 decibel barrier…

And luxury brands like Porsche, who are working on a new hybrid Cayenne Coupe.

And, let’s not forget Ferrari, whose 950 horse super car will leave anyone who laughed at the Prius in the dust…  With an earth shattering 220 miles per hour top speed.

The important point is, whether or not you plan to drive a hybrid or electric car…  And whether your government forces you to or not…

The market is growing.  The European Union is mandating de-carbonization and China is giving huge financial incentives to its massive market.  More and more manufactures are creating alternatives to the little commuter electric vehicle we used to picture.

This growing demand and critical supply can only mean one thing…  Dysprosium is a metal you want in your portfolio now.  It’s almost certain to beat inflation, making it a super hedge…  And as Europe’s most “at risk” resource, profit potentials are massive.

If you don’t already have a copy of Swissmetal Inc.’s catalog, you can download it from here.  Or, if you already see the potential, and ready to learn more, schedule a free discussion with an account rep who can answer all of your questions.

While talking, ask him to send a copy of the European Union Critical Raw Materials Analysis to see for yourself what effect the de-carbonization of Europe will have on the supply and demand of these materials.

Regardless of your personal beliefs in climate change, or desire to drive one of the multitudes of new electric and hybrid vehicles on the market, owning your own dysprosium stockpile is a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor…  Before the worldwide demand for electric vehicles causes the value of Dysprosium to explode.