Internet, automation and intelligence: long-term driving forces for tantalum demand

According to a new research study , mobile Internet, Internet of Things, and theautomation-Robotics-Engineering-794x288 development of China’s mechanization, automation and intelligence are the long-term driving force for the growth of tantalum demand. At present, the world is in the early development stage of Internet of Things and the rapid development stage of mobile Internet, according to the market analysis and forecast, by 2020, the Internet industry will drive the demand for computing equipment products increase by 10 times and reach the volume of 10 billion units.

Calculate conservatively, if per equipment uses four tantalum capacitors, the mobile Internet will drive the global demand for tantalum capacitors increase to 40 billion units, which is twice larger than the current global tantalum capacitor consumption volume; the annual compound growth rate reaches 7.2%. In addition, China’s mechanization, automation and intelligent trend will also stimulate the long-term sustainable growth of tantalum consumption.

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Souce: RnR Market Research