Investment Products

1. Rare and Strategic Metal Baskets

SMH Panama S.A. (SMHPA) services provide for physical ownership and vault storage of what we metaphorically refer to as rare and strategic metal baskets (Large Stacks and or containers of Metals). Each basket contains metals that are essential for various sectors of Industry and manufacturing.
With the help of SMHPA’s professionals, clients select a variety of baskets to create a well-rounded portfolio of various rare and strategic metals that were selected for this program by the experts at Haines and Maassen (H&M). The metals chosen from H&M`s vast offerings, were selected because, based on their experience and projections, these metals would best provide both short and long term growth and as a new asset class, alongside precious metals, protect clients’ wealth from inflation, capital market downturns, and regional economic malaise.

There are currently 4 different sectors of industry and manufacturing that we are stockpiling metals for through our rare and strategic metal basket physical ownership program.

2. Single Strategic Metals

  • In addition to our metal baskets, select single strategic metals are available for purchase.
  • Storage can be provided, or the metals can be shipped to the location of your choice.

3. Precious Metals

Silver, Gold, Platinum and Palladium are available in various forms.

  • Silver, like our rare and strategic metals is in short supply. As a point of reference and comparison, it is important to note, that historically, probably 95% of all Gold ever mined, is still in existence while almost the exact opposite is true of Silver. This is due to its use in manufacturing and industry throughout history. Current supplies are barely keeping up with industrial demand and It is also widely believed that there is currently not enough actual, physical Silver to back up all the paper that has been issued as ownership of Silver.
    Industrial Silver is present in the Emerging Industries Basket, but we recommend it be added as a supplement to any basket purchased. We recommend Silver granulate, but we can also deliver bars & coins. (.9995 + Fine or Higher)
  • Gold, has always offered by SMHPA S.A. along with its other rare or strategic metals and Silver. SMHPA S.A. believes that Gold as a precious metal makes it an ideal supplement for our long term asset protection program against inflation. Unlike currency and stocks, the value of gold has never been zero.
    Gold is not in the standard metal baskets, but we recommend it be added as a supplement. (.995 + Fine or Higher). Coins are available on a client by client basis.
  • Platinum and Palladium, is a relatively new offering from SMHPA S.A. and is available in various forms upon request and based upon availability.
  • Storage can be provided, or the metals can be shipped to the location of your choice.

4. International Investing IRA Products & Services

SMHPA can assist clients with an IRS compliant self-directed IRA plan to hold strategic and / or precious metals with our offshore investing IRA Packages. This is achieved in combination with an offshore LLC vehicle that will hold the strategic and / or precious metals on behalf of your IRA.

After an experienced account executive assists you with choosing from our range of physical strategic or precious metals, we can then facilitate the establishment of the international LLC and self-directed IRA for you.

5. International Strategic & Precious Metals Storage

SMHPA can directly arrange for third party independent vault storage for all strategic and precious metals. The metals, once delivered to either the Panamanian or Swiss UL3 level bank vault will be held in an allocated and segregated basis. This means that the metals are 100% owned by you and the legal title remains with you.