Investment Summit how rare industrial metals are stored for investors.


A Swissmetal executive inside a Zurich vault shows attendees of the European

The smell was unmistakably “Home Depot.”

It’s that woodsy scent of pallets that bathes you when you wander into the big-box hardware store. Only, there wasn’t a can of paint or a hammer in sight. Erika and I, and the group of attendees at our European Investment Summit in Zurich last week, were in a vault one story below a non-descript building in a suburb out near the airport. Inside: 6,500 specially designed aluminum containers holding $200 million of rare industrial metals, like gallium, hafnium and tantalum – the metals that go into so many products in our life that if they vanished our daily world would almost instantly collapse.

This is the vault where Swissmetal Inc. holds the metals owned by investors who realize that while gold and silver are precious, it’s the oddly named industrial metals that have the greatest profit potential. We were down here with Swissmetal executives to see and touch the metals, a rare occurrence that necessitated the participation of a Swiss customs official to guarantee that no metal was added to or removed from the strictly controlled vault. Thing is, though these metals are often abundant in the Earth’s crust, their concentrations are often negligible. Because of that, their production is generally the byproduct of other types of mining, and, thus, the quantities produced are generally small. Hafnium, for instance, is a byproduct of zirconium mining, and only about 70 tons are produced annually. Gallium, meanwhile, requires 10 tons of ore to generate just one gram of the metal … and worries are that a gallium shortage will hit the world within the decade.

I’m a fan of these metals because I am fan of building portfolios that hold all manner of assets – currencies, collectible coins, stamps, stocks, gold, silver, real estate (both domestic and foreign), bonds, timber, Ag-land, even investment-grade wine and collectible sports cards and comic books. You never know where wealth will erupt, and I want exposure to as many wealth-creating assets as I can afford. Baskets of rare industrial metals fit that world perfectly. Demand for these metals is increasing, yet production for many of them is constrained or increasing at a pace slower than is required to meet the demand. And prices right now are low, making them a contrarian play on the global economy. Had you invested in the “Key Industries Basket” of industrial metals that Swissmetal first launched in 2009, you’d be up more than 74% today. I see no reason why industry will stop relying on these metals, which means I see every reason why prices for rare industrial metals will continue to increase over time. If you want more information, I encourage you to contact Swissmetal Inc.

Swissmetal Inc. offer four ‘Baskets’ with a combination of our 12 rare, strategic metals targeting four specific industries… All Key Industries, Solar & Energy, Construction & Engineering and Defense & Aviation which makes it now accessible for private investors to purchase and profit from the increase in demand  for such metals over the years to come. Click here to contact Swissmetal for a free consultation on procurement & storage of this rare industrial metal.

Story Source: The above story was Published by Erika Nolan and Jeff Opdyke from ‘Sovereign Digest’ the Sovereign Society Group on November 3, 2013