Key Industries Basket

A Basket – Key Industries

The six strategic metals in the Metal Basket “Key Industries” are key products for more than 80% of all industrial sectors worldwide. They are an element necessary for most products that we all use in our daily lives. Essential and developing technologies would not be possible without these six strategic metals, currently and future.

To technology and industry sectors these are their precious metals.

investing in rare metals : the key industries basket

The Key Industries Basket was launched in March 2009 at US$ 10,290.09

Basket A Contents
  • 2 kg    Indium
    Bearings in jet engines
    Flat screens
    Glass coatings of touch screens
    Medical technology
    Solar technology
    Apparatus engineering
    Displays (cell phones etc)
    Transparent electronics
    Special coatings
  • Bismuth: investment in industrial metals
    47.7 kg    Bismuth
    Antiseptic ointments for burns
    Antiseptic powder
    Powder to stop bleeding
    Magnetic therapy
    Radio-opaque medium
    Non-toxic lead substitute
    Optical glasses
    High-quality coatings
    Emulsion paints
    Plastics and printing inks
    Shielding for nuclear reactors
    Lubricating grease
  • Gallium: rare metal investments
    2 kg    Gallium
    Illuminating diodes
    Integrated circuits
    Electrical high-freq. components
    Solar cells for powering satellites
    Alloying additives
    Liquid metal heat transfer compound
    Non-toxic mercury substitute
    Fuel cells
  • Tellurium: rare metal investment opportunities
    7 kg    Tellurium
    Steel, stainless-steel, cast iron, copper and lead alloys
    Solar cells
    Optical storage (CD, DVD, etc.)
    Phase change RAM memory
    Coloring for glass & ceramics
    Covering for undersea cables
  • hafnium: rare metal investment
    3 kg    Hafnium
    Nuclear technology
    New high capacity power plants
    Computer chips (eg. Intel processors)
    Lighting filaments
    Plasma cutting tools
    Flash lamps
  • 8 kg    Tantalum
    Small high capacity capacitors
    Capacitors for cell phones and automobiles
    All electronic devices
    Medical implants and prosthesics
    Surgical instruments
    Chemical industry
    Superalloys for aircraft engines
    Nuclear power plants