Most generous Christmas and New Year Special Offer EVER!

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The most generous incentive program ever introduced by Swissmetal Inc. will help you and your family bring in Christmas and The New Year in style!

The 2013 SMI Christmas/New Year Special features arguably, our best giveaway program ever, in recognition of the much anticipated, official opening to the public of the Lloyds of London insured, Panama Duty Free Zone, vaulted storage and safety deposit box facility in Panama Pacifico in January 2014.

*Be sure and include the Panama-stored Defense Industry Baskets featuring rare, critical metals Rhenium and Tungsten in your holiday season plans, or purchase from a choice of three individual metals, and receive free kilos of .9995 fine SMI industrial silver granules along with significant amounts of free storage.

Receive 1 kg of FREE SILVER for every Defense Industry basket (D) of rare and strategic metals you acquire, or 1KG for every 25,000 you put into a single metal.

Receive up to 40 kg of FREE SILVER, 5 years of Free Storage, and up to 3% off of our standard 5% surcharge depending on the amount of D-baskets you acquire during this special offer.

This offer is valid for any contract signed from December 15, 2013 to January 15, 2014. 

Current clients please contact your account manager for full details.  All other please use the contact information at the end of this report.

Also, for the first time, Swissmetal Inc. is providing clients with access to single rare and strategic metals that are available at the highest purity levels (beyond regular industry standards). The rare and strategic metals rhenium, gallium, and new addition, dysprosium, are now available in this program.

Call and ask us about our Free Silver and Free Storage for Individual Metal Purchases This Holiday Season!

The basket program is the ideal conservative approach to owning rare and strategic metals.  The individual metal ownership program is still metals used in all the products today, but instead of dispersing your commitment across the spectrum, you focus on individual metals that have been chosen for their immediate short to medium term growth potential based on what our metal trader experts are telling us at this time.

A client can now choose to go either route, or combine both strategies within their SMI portfolio based on their personal, overseas, asset protection strategy.

Rhenium – Long Term Agreements (LTA´s) keeping Rhenium prices artificially low between jet engine manufacturers Rolls Royce, Pratt and Whitney and G.E. since 2009 (They use 90% of all the rhenium produced each year) and the main producer of Rhenium, Molymet, Chile, are due to expire by 2014.  Molymet is expected to raise the value of their metal significantly to its natural value (it has been as high as USD 12,000 per kg before the LTA) as it is the second most rare metal, and the second most valuable in the world.  Only about 50 Tons per year are produced.  If you buy it as a single metal you will receive the purest available (aviation-grade .9999 fine Rhenium Pellets, normal is .999).

Gallium – A major component of the burgeoning LED and Solar Energy fields, integrated circuits, computer chips and lasers, to name just a few of its main applications. This metal is rare and critical, and only around 65 tons per year are produced making it an ideal individual metal to acquire for short term and long term, significant growth as even slight increases in demand drive up its value.  at present, gallium has the most stable demand and, arguably, the most potential for price growth over the coming 2-3 years. Steadily growing demand for GaAs and GaN wafers, combined with rising demand from the LED sector, will mean that gallium metal will continue to be in demand from high growth industries for the foreseeable future.

Gallium also has the potential to be used in significant quantities in green energy technologies, such as GaAs solar cells and CIGS thin film photovoltaic technology.

From the supply side, growing reliance on Chinese gallium production has increased the threat of supply disruptions. As a by-product of aluminum refining, gallium is highly dependent on one of the most energy intensive metal refining industries and, for this reason, one that the Chinese government has put limitations on in the past. Just as the threat that Chinese restrictions on gallium exports would seriously impact global gallium availability and prices, so too would limitations on aluminum production, whether due to market effects, government regulations or environmental influences.

SMI Clients will receive the purest gallium available at .9995. Ready for industrial use.

Dysprosium – One of the 16 rare earth elements (REEs), dysprosium is primarily used in high strength rare earth magnets due to its ability to alloy with iron as well as its high magnetic strength over a range of temperatures. Many alternative energy technologies, including wind turbines and electric vehicles remain dependent upon rare earth magnets.

According to research conducted into materials needed for critical energy technologies by the European Commission, demand for dysprosium will double by 2020, averaging an annual growth rate of 9 percent. Ultimately, the group predicts that this will lead to a 23 percent supply shortfall by the end of the decade.

The US DOE, meanwhile, believes that demand for dysprosium will likely exceed supply as early as 2015.

Another US governmental department, the Department of Defense has also recently listed Dysprosium as one of six REEs that would be in immediate shortfall given a conflict scenario (predicted shortfall of 47,000 kilograms). All of this bodes well for the SMI investor acquiring rare earth metal dysprosium at .9995 purity.

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