New Technology: 3D Printing with Indium and Gallium

Researchers at the North Carolina State University have found a way to print three-dimensional objects with a metal alloy (“3D printing”). The mixture of 75% gallium and 25% indium has the advantage of being liquid at room temperature and to solidify on the pressure oxidation. This new application possibility opens interesting perspectives on the future demand for gallium and indium.

Indium and gallium are also part of the rare strategic metal baskets provided to private investors by Swissmetal Inc. as a form of asset protection. The company has developed, over the last 5 years, a proven, safe and secure process to preserve wealth by providing its customers with fully allocated, private, secure offshore storage of rare and strategic metals that are being stockpiled for the future. For more information, please click here or visit the company website.

Source: North Carolina State University; 3D-Druck