Rare Metal Investments – Silver

investing in silver

Silver is in the E Basket.

One thing has been clear to humanity for about seven thousand years. Silver is a metal with a bright future in the truest sense of the term. Though it has been popular mainly for making coins and jewelry, in the last few decades it has become an indispensable industrial metal.

Unlike Gold, which strictly speaking has no particular use other than its beautiful appearance, Silver is beautiful and has several unique characteristics. No other metal reflects light or conducts electricity better, making it hard to imagine modern electronics in vehicles or the entertainment industry without Silver. Silver performs excellent in high-performance applications where any loss of signal is unacceptable. This is but one example: optical and heat reflectors would not be nearly as effective without Silver; alloy and solder quality would suffer without Silver. With a wide spectrum of applications ranging from catalysts to dental technology, it is not surprising that Silver is one of the most sought after industrial metals.

Silver has been used as currency for thousands of years, and in many cultures and civilizations. Even today, the mention of Silver in many languages induces visions of money.

Demand now outstrips supply and as China has stepped their imports up, this has put further strain on the Silver market. As the demand continues to increase, and supply dwindles, the market for this shiny metal is certain to increase rapidly.
Silver production has averaged around 21,000 tons in the last few years, and the largest producers are Peru, Mexico, and China. Both the Fraunhofer Institute and the Rhine-Westphalia Institute for Economic Research, in Germany, predict worldwide Silver shortages in the near future.


Element Symbol: Ag
Atomic mass: 107.868 amu
Atomic radius: 165 pm
Density: 10.49 g/cm³
Colour: Shiny White
Melting point: 961.78 °C
Boiling point: 2,162 °C
Heat of evaporation: 255 kJ/mol
Annual production worldwide approx.: 21,000 t.


  • Currency, Jewellery and Silverware
  • Anti-Bacterials
  • Water Filtration
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Photography and Electronics
  • Solar Technology
  • Plasma Screens
  • Medical Technology
  • RFID Chips
  • Batteries
  • Catalyst