rare metal investments - Rhenium

What is Happening with Rhenium Prices?

As investors we all want to have early knowledge of opportunities to make money. It doesn’t matter if that opportunity is in the stock market, bond market or precious metals, as long as we have a heads-up with viable research and statistics, then it just becomes a waiting game until we get to cash in our foreknowledge.

Well, there is always an opportunity out in the world today somewhere and right now there happens to be a hot opportunity in a rare precious metal called rhenium. Never heard of it? Most people haven’t, but today we will show you why it’s set to take off over the next three years giving you a high yield on your investment.

Rhenium Applications

Rhenium, first discovered in 1925 by German scientists, is considered one of the rarest metals throughout the Earth’s crust to the extent of .001 parts per million. Rhenium is formally used as an additive to tungsten and is molybdenum based giving it beneficial properties. Rhenium prices will be driven higher based on demand for this rhenium alloy as it is used in oven filaments, x-ray machines, medical uses, nuclear uses, and have military applications that are being utilized by the Department of Defense. Rhenium is also used as an electrical contact material that withstands high temperatures and withstands arc corrosion.

Rhenium’s High Demand and Limited Supply

As we saw earlier rhenium is extremely rare, but there is more to the science of how it’s created.  You’re not going to be finding any mines that have this element as it doesn’t occur in nature. Rhenium is a by-product of copper and molybdenum smelting process. The process on average take 120 metric tons of copper and molybdenum to make one ounce of rhenium. With that being said, in recent years there were only 50 tons produced worldwide every year putting it in high demand.

Rhenium’s Future

Recently, we saw a drop in rhenium prices, and that was because there has been an increase in supply thanks to the Freeport-McMoRan Sierrita Mine in Arizona, ramping up supplies of the rare mineral. They have effectively been able to add 20 tons to the overall world supply causing the price to fall temporarily.

Since there has been an increased supply of rhenium this actually helps meet the non-specified military needs’ thanks to the 2014 Defense Authorization Act. This allows rhenium to be used in many new fields and opens a higher future demand for the Rhenium itself. Many of the interested fields include:

  • Medical: Medical applications have taken a keen interest in the potential uses of rhenium as a therapeutic nuclear medicine that could be used effectively in cancer treatments. Furthermore, rhenium-188 ensures optimal and cost effective utilization in a variety of other clinical conditions.
  • Technology: New applications for the rhenium-uthium cells are changing how tech giants will be using batteries. Many of these projects have been taken on by the government and private-sector companies that see the potential as it could revolutionize the mobile-telecom industry.
  • Aviation: The military has been using rhenium for years in the F-16’s, F-22’s and F-35’s. Recently, the public sector has been using them as installing rhenium in Boeing 777 engines. This allows the engines to endure high-heat thresholds while being extremely energy efficient. This just doesn’t include commercial airliners as space exploration is eyeballing rhenium possibilities as well. The potential for the public aviation sector going forward could be a huge market in itself.
  • Nano-Technology: There is a broad use of ranges that many private companies are exploring with nanotech and nanoparticles that use rhenium. These applications could be used both in medicine, textile purposes and magnetic Nano fibers.

The Right Time to Buy is Now

Looking at the charts, we can see that rhenium prices have been constantly steady up until recently when the supply was increased that the price dropped to a point now where rhenium is a strategic place to invest. With the market opening up to the potential possibilities of rhenium in the sectors mentioned above should drive the demand way up and with limited supply, the rhenium price should skyrocket. The question becomes, what’s stopping you from investing in rhenium today?