Swiss Metals Attending Anarchapulco 2016

Swiss Metals is Attending Anarchapulco

Anarchapulco 2016 – The World’s First & Largest Anarcho-Capitalist Conference

Swiss Metals will be attending Anarchapulco 2016 19-21 January in Acapulco, Mexico as a sponsor of the event. Make sure to stop by our display and attend the talk being hosted by our team. If you have been watching closely you might have noticed that Gold is on fire over the last few weeks. We will be happy to assist you in the purchase of Gold, Silver and Strategic metals and store them in Panama.

If you’re heading to Mexico for the conference, you’re well aware of what’s happening in the world. And you’re looking for solutions. You’re searching for a way to find freedom, escape the tyranny of governments and central banks, and get back any scrap of financial privacy still available to you.
Once you’ve read every word of this article, I’m sure you’ll agree, strategic metals might be the perfect asset class for the awakened Anarcho-capitalist.

Strategic Metals are Inflation Proof.

In times of economic turmoil, investors move away from cash into solid assets such as gold and silver. But those come with their own drawbacks, as we’ll discuss later. Strategic metals are a brand new asset class available to individuals looking to protect their net worth by owning real assets. Also known as industrial metals, they’re a group of elements vital to products such as modern land, sea, and air transportation, computers, cell phones, iPods, LCD monitors, surgical lasers, jet engines, pills and medicines, electric and hybrid cars, ointments and creams, and even the clothes you’re wearing…
The products requiring strategic metals account for approximately 90% of everything manufactured and are vital to our way of life. Their demand continues to grow and supply is becoming more difficult to get. Since they’re real, in demand assets, they are effective in fighting inflation regardless of what happens to the dollar.

Rare Strategic Metals are Growing in Demand and Shrinking in Supply.

As the perpetual war machine continues ticking unabated, and much of the world’s previously impoverished are moving into the middle class, the demand on these assets is skyrocketing.
At the same time, due to political maneuvering in China, and instability in countries these resources are produced, supply is becoming more difficult to find. If you remember anything from basic economics it’s the rule that as demand increases and supply decreases, prices move skyward.
Strategic metals are a mid to long-term play. But they’ve created wealth for entire countries in the past, and will continue building and protecting wealth for individuals long into the future.

Rare Strategic Metals Can Be Owned Privately and Stored Securely Offshore.

You’re the kind of person who wants to be responsible for his or her own financial future. And don’t think it’s the government’s concern how and where you spend your money.

Rare strategic metals can be owned 100% privately. And your physical assets are stored allocated and segregated in bank level secure vaults in Panama or Switzerland. The ownership is never reported to anyone. And no mechanism is available to do so. When you sell, you’ll have to report capital gains. But the responsibility for doing so is between you and your tax adviser. There are no taxes due on sale since the metals are stored in a duty-free zone.

The inflation protection properties of this asset class, along with exploding growth and privacy potential might make strategic metals the perfect Anarcho-capitalist asset class.

SMH Panama will have representatives at Anarchopulco to answer your questions. But you can get a head start learning more about these powerful tools, for free, by clicking here for brochures.

Gain back your financial privacy and control, and free yourself from the central banks, with assets critical to moving forward in all aspects of the new economy – rare strategic metals.

Make sure to stop by our display at Anarchapulco 2016!