An Introduction to Tantalum's Use in Capacitors

Tantalum being mined 2Take a moment and think about everything you do on a daily basis… And the tools you use to do it.

Think about it…

You talk on the phone, work on your computer, drive your car…

Maybe you run to your fridge, or turn on the air conditioning, or watch TV…

What tools do you do on your job?

How many of those tools and tasks use electronics?  And how many of those electronics contain a circuit board?

I’ll give you a hit to the second question…  Its all of them.

And almost everyone of those contains a capacitor.  And most of those capacitors use Tantulum as a critical component.

According to Tantalum Capacitors 101, an article appearing in Tantalum Investing News:

A capacitor functions much like a battery in that it stores and charges electrical energy. It is composed of two conductive plates separated by a non-conductive substance called a dielectric. One plate is positively charged (the anode) and the other is negatively charged (the cathode). The dielectric is necessary to keep the opposing charges separate.

Tantalum is the most common dielectric in use today.

You can learn more about how capacitors function, and why Tantalum is so important (and shows such great future demand) by reading their entire article here.


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