How the Ukraine Crisis is Affecting Precious and Rare Metals Prospects

Ukraine CrisisPrecious metals have always been strong during times of economic uncertainty.  And economic uncertainty reigns strong during crisis’s like we are seeing in the Ukraine.

As we have talked about in previous articles, rare strategic metals have many of the same safe haven properties as precious metals.  But the also have the added advantage of being necessary for technological and military applications.

The violent uprising in the Ukraine is already having an effect on precious metal prices.  According to, in an article titled Precious Metals Shine as Ukraine Crisis Deepens:

Precious metals have found their feet following yesterday’s sharp sell-off. The deteriorating situation in Ukraine continues to lend buoyancy to safe-haven assets, although the stronger dollar is limiting the upside for some buck-denominated assets, including gold.

Gold and Silver are both seeing increased prices with silver shooting to $21.00 and Gold climbing above $1330.

We see precious metals price growth as a strong indicator for powerful growth in rare strategic metals, adding one more reason you should strongly consider adding rare metals to your portfolio.

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