Unleash the Power of Your IRA

To Diversify, Protect and Grow Your Wealth – Tax Free!


Being shackled to US denominated assets could devastate your retirement plans. If you weren’t already, you’re also now aware how vital it is to move some of your wealth offshore.

By moving your assets abroad, you can achieve better asset protection, lower taxes, and reduced business expenses. All of which increase the size of your retirement nest egg.

Step 1 – Create an Offshore LLC

American citizens are severely lacking in options for investing worldwide. But, you can own shares in a foreign LLC or Limited Liability Corporation.

An LLC Owned by an IRA – An Unbeatable Combination!

Owning shares in an LLC you control, opens you up to a world of investment choices not available in the U.S. A world of rare, strategic metals!

The offshore LLC does not have the same limitations you do when it comes to investing and making a profit worldwide. It also safeguards your assets if the economy falters.

Step 2 – Combine the Proven Offshore Asset Protection of an LLC, with the Tax Benefits of an IRA

You already know your IRA allows you to accumulate tax free – or at least tax deferred profits (depending on the type). But here’s something your broker probably never told you… You can use your IRA to buy shares in an Offshore LLC. Then you can use your new company for countless opportunities to protect and grow your retirement wealth. This turns your IRA from a “good tool” into a “phenomenal one” for protecting and growing your retirement nest egg.                                                                   

Why this Works

In your current IRA, part of its holdings might be in a mutual fund. If the fund manager decides to sell one stock and buy another, the custodian doesn’t have any say in the matter.

Here’s how the IRA / LLC strategy works.

Your IRA invests in an offshore LLC, which is a legal transaction. The only difference from the example in the sidebar is – you happen to be the one managing the LLC.

Let me say it another way… You manage the LLC. Not your IRA custodian. Your IRA is simply a stockholder. You can then create profits in your LLC, just like any other business.

You have almost total freedom in how you run your LLC. So, for example, your IRA may not be able to own rare metal assets, or perform certain activities. But, your LLC can.

However now, you benefit from the triple compounding of dividends, gains, interest, and profits growing tax deferred in a traditional IRA or retirement plan. Or tax-free in your ROTH.

With an LLC not held by an IRA, you have a tax burden immediately when you sell shares or receive dividends. The difference is subtle, but extremely important. To be clear, your IRA invests in the LLC.  The LLC on the other hand, purchases and controls the assets.

Is this IRA / LLC strategy legal?

You should always talk to your tax attorney and / or accountant about your personal tax situation. However, based on research and interviews with administrators and custodians, this strategy is not only legal; it’s a powerful step to diversifying your portfolio internationally.

And, enjoying tax-free / deferred profits on assets as powerful as Rare Strategic Metals.

Step 3 – Use your LLC to Invest in Strategic Rare Metals

You are using the IRA to invest in a foreign company. The LLC is actually the one investingIRA2

This is very similar to an ETF or close-ended fund.

For this to be legal, there are certain precautions. For example, it’s extremely important that the individual owner of the IRA never take delivery of the metals, or other assets owned by the LLC. The broker should ship the asset directly to the repository. You need to separate yourself and your IRA from physical possession.  This similar to the rules for real estate – the IRA owner should not be using the LLC to purchase real estate for his own use. This is to ensure there is no interpretation of “self dealing.” There are also laws applying directly to your LLC. So it’s very important to get professional advice. However, you have much more freedom than you would have by just owning an IRA.

+Tax case:

Other Advantages of Owning Assets within an IRA Owned LLC

Because you are the manager of the LLC, transactions do not need to go through your custodian. This saves fees, and reduces delays. When necessary, you can act immediately.

You manage the LLC as you would any other business. Profits pass directly from the LLC to the IRA, where they receive a similar tax treatment.

Another thing to mention about offshore LLC’s, is the protection they offer from lawsuits.

True, a few years back, the Supreme Court added asset protection from creditors to your IRA. But some experts think a very crafty lawyer still might be able to break through that layer of protection. Most creditors wouldn’t even try touching an offshore asset, even if they knew about it. If they did, it would be next to impossible to get their hands on.

Best of all, you can get all of these advantages today, by rolling over an existing IRA, even if you don’t have cash available.

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